how to use this blog

You can use this site for the following reasons
1- To express gratitude for the things you have or the things you antitpate.
When you are grateful for the good in your life,you can write a post to express it.
As a beginning recommendation, you can impliment a 28 day grateful circle. This involves you writing things you are grateful about everyday for 28 days. Medical science has shown that this rewires your brain and set it to see and expect good things.
To facilitate the process,you can start with writing out what you are grateful for with peper and pen before you post them. This enables you clearify them properly.

2- To inspire other people by sharing your unique experience so others can be strong in faith(visualisation)
If you have an experience which shows the power of faith or miracle,you can share it to inpsire others.

3- To say words of prayer for others.
When you say a prayer for someone,you can share the page address to the person via social media accounts or directly through their email.

4- Raise funds for projects(please refer to fundraing terms and condition before posting fund activity)
If you have a can publish the details of how someone can send in money to you.